28 December 2011


Crossing the lobby of 800 Wood Towers, Agatha Pecone sighed as she went through the long list of things she detested in life: cold icy rain, mildew, fantasy fiction, crochet, egg nog, bratty children, politics, spicy foods, new age music, zucchini, and pushy people, just to name a few. While those things had always featured on her list of intolerable things, on this particular morning, Agatha was determined to add used car dealers and self righteous bus drivers to the ever burgeoning list.

21 December 2011


“Put that back!?”
Inside Leroy’s 24 hour grocery mart in the middle of aisle 3, the canned goods aisle, the rear left wheel of an empty shopping cart shuddered to a screeching halt.

20 December 2011


For the umpteenth time that morning, Virginia checked the telephone.  First, she picked up the receiver and listened for the dial tone.  It was fine.  Next, she checked the volume adjuster, making sure it was turned up all the way.  That was okay.  Then, she ran her hand over the length of the cord from the handset to the answering machine and from the machine to the wall; still nothing out of the ordinary there.