01 February 2012


Trenfil groaned. The light would have been better and the going much easier had he stuck to the road. But he continued to pedal, skirting the edge of the woods on the bike trail that would take him home.

Aw, Man. I shouldn't have snuck out. And I definitely shouldn't have taken the stupid short cut home. Could have been home by now. Could have made it back before curfew

He sighed.

But it was fun tonight.

He chuckled.

That look on Bobby Wispen's face when he had to pay up ten whole dollars in front of everyone.

Trenfil beamed and patted his jacket pocket.

Priceless! Bobby Wispen was full of it. Always making up stupid gory stories. Trying to scare me.

Trenfil rolled his eyes toward the heavens.

Like the one about the cops in the black Winnebago in the woods. Yeah, right!

Trenfil snorted.

Like seriously? Cops hanging out in the middle of the woods catching people and barbecuing them? Gimme a break!